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i've being on this site for the past 2 years and i have met a few guys, from this . Here's my experience with dating with a special needs kid.
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Romantic love and wedded bliss are everywhere!

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But you, a single parent to a special needs child, are somehow on the sidelines watching and wondering if you and your child will ever have a true and permanent love in your lives, too. As I was researching the mystery of love and relationships, of what drives couples apart, and what holds them together, etc.

I will share the highlights of what I learned from these experts about making a relationship work—whether you have typical or non-typical children—and maybe, just maybe, you will find yourself inspired to hop on your own path toward true and permanent love. You HAVE to spend time together.

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Even though we are all so busy with work, with running our kids to various therapies, with maintaining a home, helping with school work, etc. And that includes time for the two of you AND time together with the children as well. Make sure you do that. If you let this lack of time for each other linger on, you are on your way to losing each other forever.

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Do you really want to grow old alone and never have genuine love in your life? In my research, I saw first-hand many couples with unbelievable issues with their blended children and who also worked, ran their kids to various therapies and doctors, yet THEIR relationship was important enough to FIND ways to be together.

Dating When You Have a Child with Special Needs

And they made it work! You vowed in the beginning of a relationship to always be open and honest with one another.

Being a mom of two special needs children - Follow up to the girls updates

You can tell the other person in the relationship EVERY day that you are glad they are in your life, what is great about the relationship, how you value their love and friendship, etc. Things to consider when helping your child enter the job market.

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Local Sister Chat Articles Resources. Some questions you might want to ask include the following: What does the child look like, and what are his or her dislikes?

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Does the child have any medical conditions or use any medical devices for assistance that I should know about before meeting the child? Is the child affected by any triggers, such as sounds or bright lights and colors? How does the child react to changes and new people? Email Share Tweet Pin It.

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