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Relationships between a Cancer man & a Gemini woman be easy at first but require some extra effort for the long term. Learn more about this fascinating pair!.
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This was the most painful thing I had ever gone through. I know if heloved me he would stop me from leaving, or tried to find me online to get incontact with me at least or something. But that never happened. N since this wasn'tthe first time we had tried I just left him alone. I always thought lovewas sticking by each other through the think n thin, lost blindly in love. You cant change anyone. I willlove him forever Ihave a tattoo with his initials I mean im doomed for life now I have to findsomeone wit the same initials Ihave a gaping hole in my heart all for falling in love with a Cancer.

I'm a Cancer man married to a Gemini Woman.

After reading thesearticles and living my marriage life for 5 months now that I am very clingy andwant to be controlling of where she goes and what she does.. I give my heart toher and it seems sometimes she doesn't really care what I say or anything.

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Ijust really hope someday that she will open her heart more to me and startfeeling with her heart instead of her head. Another add I do have jealouslytroubles with her but she gives me all the right to when she doesn't tell mewhere she is going and who she is with. She locks her phone and hides her msnconversations from me but I want to trust her but she has to give me a chanceto help build that trust back up. I have so much more to say but I'll letothers say what they have.

I'm a Gemini woman and I've had long term relationships with Aquarianmen, which were so much fun! I have dated other signs, but I am so attractedto Cancer men!!! They are my favorite. They are so loyal, passionate, caring,and they make you feel like a queen. They worship your body, they nurture you,and invite you into their worlds. I have met and dated 2 Cancer men, but I leftthem because I didn't want to settle down. I am dating my 3rd Cancer man and Ilove it!

I love feeling like a goddess! I hope this time I will settle downbecause I will be Although they can be sensitive and clingy, we Gemini'sjust need to be a good listener, be polite and considerate of their feelings. Any relationship can work, you just have to respect each other's differences. Wow I have read this and I could not stop cracking up, I am a RealGemini gal to the heart I have men falling at my feet all the time I recentlymet a Cop who happens to be a Cancer and I am really glad I read this post, hehad me thinking I was off my game this man has done what no other could do andthat's sweep me completely off my feet!!

And yet some of the many signs you allrefer to has start to come out I no he really cares for me and adores me anyman in his shoes would be a fool not to.. I just hate it when he he adores meone minute then pulls back the next well see how it goes I am a Fashiondesigner and it takes me all over so lets see if he can handle that I am a Gemini woman with Cancer rising and moon in Pisces. I neverdated a Cancer guy, but I often show personality of a Cancer or Pisces.

With myex husband Capricorn I was jealous, possessive, moody and I always wanted histime.

I checked on him all the time. He made me feel insecure. I've been involved wit a Cancer male, and I have to say He is themost confusing individual thus far. But he can be so sweet and caring at times!

Cancer Man Gemini Woman Compatibility

At the same token I really don't understand him, his controlling, jealousy, andinsecurities are beginning to show. I don't like it, I don't want to be told whatto do like a child! I'm so confused about him, HELP! I've dated a Gemini girl and let me tell you all even thou therelationship didn't last long. It was one of the best dates of my life. TheGemini girl was Intelligent and Confident Even if she dated many guys before meand got her heartbroken many times kinda sad that she carries that burdenwithout showing it I got to understand her.

It was fun Dating this girl whohas always something new and interesting to say, that enjoyed my play on words double meaning and that so was bitchy she could make a man cry good thing Ihave a tough shell. The sexual tensions between us was so intense We got separated she joined the Army and I continued mystudies If we get married then how willbe our future. Cancer male here ok ok Cancer males suck but when I ask her andsay baby what's wrong are you ok im worried she gives me the cold shoulder Idon't get angry or abusive sure I might be sad but damn we feel ya know goeasy on us.

I have dated Cancers before and in a relationship with one now so Ican truly relate. I am in the same situation, and it at least makes me feel alittle better to know I am not the only one dealing with this. He is constantly afraid of me leaving him but also notready to be with me totally. I don't mind his moods much but I do know that hethinks I am somewhat unemotional and insensitive. I am at the point of beingready to get out but mainly because I just want a real relationship andcommitment.

Overall relationships with Cancer men can be some of the best andworst you have ever had.

Gemini-Cancer Compatibility

I am a Gemini girl! Met this amazing, gorgeous Cancer male at a legal skillscourse 2days! As soon as I entered the room and sat next to him, something that I never feltbefore happened! I am sure he felt something as well because we could not stoplooking at each other and wanting to be together!

We went out after the course to celebrate the completion as it isvery difficult. Anyway, we had anice conversation, he told me a few things about his life, we have so manythings in common it is incredible, he did not want me to go home. He texted me that night to check if I was ok and said he was very glad I waswell.

I've contacted him by email with the details of the place we wanted to go. I sent him a texttoday with a joke and nothing!

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I never felt like this before! I cannot stop thinking about him! I just happened to open this site.. I also like the guy I shouldnt believe in al this stars thing And I know I m already falling for him. This relationship has been going on for about 20years now, on and off.

Gemini woman and cancer man love compatibility

We've both been married in the mean time to otherpeople. Run as fast and as far as you can. Cancer will suck the life out ofyou. They'll come around when you least expect it, draw you in, seduce youuntil you feel dizzy, promises the moon and disappear again. You will be leftconfused and an emotional wreck.

Then, just when you've got yourself picked upagain, he'll come around again and the whole mess starts over. Honestly, Idon't know why I am still giving in time and time again. After all these yearsI just don't have the strength anymore to fight him off. I am a 23 year old gem and yeah I guess you could say I'm in lovewith a Cancer.

Its easier to handle things when you don't take them personal oryou come off as fickle. He knows me more than I know myself and for anybody tohave half of me figured out takes a talented and loving individual. I thinkdeep down he is a really warm person who is sometimes too caring and passionatefor things. I can be but it is here one minute and gone the next.

I think foranybody to even try and stick by my side while I'm running from one attractionto the next deserves the best of care and treatment.

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I'm an 18 year old Gemini girl 2 months into a relationship with aCancer guy.